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Administrative & Academic Bodies


Governing Body
The Governing of Doomdooma College is the authoritative body which is responsible for overall management of the college.

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)  : The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Doomdooma College formed according to the guidelines of the NAAC
is an effective internal coordinating and monitorng mechanism constituted to ensure the quality culture and systematized the efforts of the institution towards academic excellence. The cell is actively involved in the overall quality enhancement of the institution, strives for continuous improvement of the institution, strives for continuous improvement. The cell takes feedback responses from students, parents on quality related institutional processes

Board of Heads (Boh)
The Board of Heads of Doomdooma College is responsible for overall management and coordination of the academic affairs of the college.

Doomdooma College CBCS Board
From the academic session 2019-20 the Dibrugarh University has introduced CBCS in undergraduate programmes. The college has formed a CBCS Board as per the guidelines of the CBCS regulations-2018 of Dibrugarh University to monitor and supervise the implementation of the CBCS.

Teacher, Students & Parents Bodies Doomdooma College Students' Union (DDCSU)
Doomdooma College Students' Union is a general body of the students of the college. Membership of this union is compulsory for every student of the college. The office bearers of the Union are elected annually through direct Ballot. The term of the office bearers of the Union Body is for one academic year. The Union organizes games and sports, quiz and debate, cultural and literary contests, Raihan Shah memiroal inter College Quiz Competition etc. annually. The Union publishes a multilingual annual magazine named 'OIKYADEEP', providing opportunities for development of literary talents of the students.

Abhibhawak Mancha ( Pare nt- Teachers' Association)
The 'Abhibhawak Mancha' of the college organizes meetings where academic and other activities are discussed. Each department organizes Parent-Teachers meet in every semester. All academic issues related to the students' academic progression and support are discussed and feedbacks from parents are taken in these meets. Further two members from each department are selected from these meets to strengthen the'Abhibhawak Mancha' as and when necessary.

Alumni Association
The Alumni Association of the college works for the development of the Institution .

Cultural & Environment Committees 'Prakriti Oikya Mancha'
The 'Prakriti Oikya Mancha' of Doomdooma College was formed by the students of the college in 2012. It works for conservation of nature and maintenance of clean and green environment in the collegecampus. Further, it publishes an annual bi-lingual hand-written poetry magazine, 'Deedeeceer Jeuti'. It is worth mentioning that only students contribute to this collection.

Doomdooma College Eco Club
The Eco club of College works for maintaining the ecology of the college campus. The Physics Forum of the college conducts Green (Energy & Water) audit in the college campus as well as in the neighbourhood of the college.

'Sanskritik Mancha'
The 'Sanskritik Mancha' of Doomdooma College was formed for organizing various socio-cultural activities in the college campus.

Departmental Forums
The departmental forums are established to sensitize the students towards discipline specific impact on society at large. In order to achieve the goal the forums keep organizing different activities like awareness programmes, workshops, seminars, field visits, quiz, debate etc. Some of the forums award scholarship to meritorious students  of  the  concerned departments . The College has the following departmental forums:
Commerce Forum

Economics Forwn
Political Science Forum

Asomiya Sahitya Chora
Physics Forum
History Forum

Public Services National Service Scheme (NSS)
The National Service Scheme unit of the College extends its services to the society by organizing regular, special and camping programmes to  promote     awareness of health, donating blood, education, environment, literacy, cleanliness as part of Swachcha Bharat Abhiyan, etc.

National Cadet Corps (NCC) -Boys : The 10 Assam Bn. N.C.C., Doomdooma College for Boys under the jurisdiction of Dibrugarh Division has strength of 105 cadets.

National Cadet Corps (NCC) - Girls : The 63 Assam Bn. N.C.C., Doomdooma College for Girls under the jurisdiction of Dibrugarh Division has strength of 108 cadets.
Separate Admission form for Boys and Girls N.C.C. are issued by the respective CTO/ANO at  the beginning of the new academic session.

Committee Against Sexual Harassment (CASH)
The Committee Against Sexual Harassment (CASH) works for the gender parity by organizing gender sensitization programmes for the students, conducting workshops and encouraging students to report any offence of such nature immediately. Sexual harassment is a serious crime and severe punitive measures will be taken against the offenders.

Grievance Redressal Cell
The College has a grievance redressal cell in order to look into the grievances of the staff and students.

Other Supports and Facilities
Botanical Garden: The Doomdooma College Botanical garden has many specimens of medicinal and food plants and a wide variety of herbs and trees. Inside the garden there is a VerrniĀ­compost unit.

Health & Yoga Cell
The Health Cell of the college conducts health service programmes like AIDS awareness, Blood Donation Camp, Yoga Training Programme, Vaccination camps etc. for the staffs and the students with the help of NGOs and Govt. agencies.

Equal Opportunity Centre
The centre provides equal opportunities to the SC, ST, OBC, MOBC,TGL and minority communities of students both Boys and Girls in various activities for their all round developments. The centre organizes different programmes like Seminar, Workshops to enhance their potentialities.

Xerox and Internet facility
The College provides Xerox and Internet facilities at concessional rates for the students and the staffs.